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Did you know the S in Samsung’s Galaxy S series stands for “Super Smart”? Pretty cheesy isn’t it? But Samsung really does believe the brand supplies the best of the best in its Galaxy S series.
The Samsung Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge released at the start of 2015 proved to be two of the most exciting handsets on the market right now and we gave them both near on perfect reviews with only a few little problems on each letting them down.
Those problems need to be ironed out by the next time around and it’s exciting to think what Samsung will be able to pull off with its new found lease of design changes and true innovation.
So what will the Galaxy S7 bring to the table? The rumours are already coming in, so here’s everything in one easy place for you to see.

News and rumors

So what exactly do we know so far about the Samsung Galaxy S7? The real answer is not all that much, it’s only a few months since the Galaxy S6 hit the market so real, worthwhile details are a little hard to come by.
One rumour does seem to have a little weight thrown behind it though as sources believe the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy Note 5 may be coming with curved screens.
According to supply chain sources both phones will be launching with flexible displays after Samsung put in some big orders with Taiwanese manufacturers. It may end up being a separate version of the Galaxy S7 much like with the Galaxy S6 Edge but it’s interesting all the same.

What we want to see

1. Better battery life

Our biggest gripe with the Galaxy S6 was the battery – we found with moderate usage you could get between 17 and 18 hours. That is the average day if you’re on a normal sleep pattern but do you really want to be walking that tight rope thinking if I watch a film my phone it’s not going to last the whole day?
Samsung need to do better than this with the Galaxy S7; even sacrificing a little of its new found design credentials to thicken up the handset and stick in a bigger cell would have been worth the extra life. Next time let’s hope it understands functionality takes precedence over design.

2. Bring us to the Edge

We loved the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge – in fact we think everyone did – it just did something entirely different to the rest of the competition.
We want the same again, but maybe something completely off the bat. If the rumours of the flexible display handset turn out to be true we could end seeing something similar to the S6 Edge come Q1 2016.

3. Another step into VR

When Samsung revealed the Galaxy S6 it also announced there would be a new Gear VR headset designed to go alongside the new phone.
Next time round we want Samsung to keep focusing on VR but up its game even further for the Galaxy S7 – whether it be more sensors, more games or a new way of doing it all together we just want more of a focus on VR.
Samsung is one of the few companies doing Virtual Reality right at the moment and there’s no better way to keep that going than innovating on an already good product.

4. A price drop

Samsung’s devices aren’t the cheapest on the market. One of our criticisms of the latest handset came at the price tag attached to the phone and it’d be nice to see it drop down a little as soon as possible. At the moment Samsung’s devices are even in a similar price bracket to Apple.
It may mean we lose a couple of the superfluous features on the phone but taking it down a little would be really nice. Come on Samsung, you can buck the trend and do it with the Galaxy S7.

5. Drop the fingerprint magnet

If you’ve got a white S6 you’re laughing, but if you’ve got one of the darker options you’re probably finding yourself wiping it down with your t-shirt a lot down to all the fingerprints showing up on the rear.
The white option is the best for avoiding this but we shouldn’t expect our phones to be covered in grubby marks within a matter of minutes. Let’s sort it out ready for the Samsung Galaxy S7.

6. Something brand new

The S6 Edge really showed us something different and we want to see that same inspiration again from the South Korean company.
In the meantime we may not actually know what we want to see, but something to change up the phone market a little and give it a little kick up the bum it needs.

7. More robust design

Almost everybody agrees Samsung nailed the design of the Galaxy S6, but one big feature was missing. The Galaxy S5 had the addition of a water and dustproof design so when the Galaxy S6 was announced it was quite a shock the feature had been taken out.
Fingers crossed Samsung will see fit to return it to the Galaxy S7, but this time in a much nicer design.

8. Even more power

Not that the Galaxy S6 wasn’t powerful enough, but in a year we’re going to have a bunch of new processors doing the rounds and we want to see the biggest and best in the Samsung Galaxy S7.
Whether it be an in house created Exynos processor or a jump back to Qualcomm, we don’t mind, we just want the best the company can find. Is that too much to ask?
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