Samsung Galaxy S6 Specification, Features ,Price ,Rumors


It is now being rumored that Samsung might not even launch SamsungGalaxy S5 ,instead it may be launching a successor to the S5 namely Galaxy S6 . Even though many site claim that S5 is supposed to be launched but they forgot that this is Samsung ,and it can do anything .  Even though this is a hoax news but still it can become true anytime .
Samsung will be launching the Note 3 this year , our futuristic expert believe that  it is also possible that it will give it time for the Note Series to grow along .If the note series is successful as they expect it should be  Samsung Galaxy S5 may launch as other site suggest .If the Note3  flops, it is likely possible that S5 would come because they both will have almost the same technology and both will be Phablets almost .
  1.  16 MP Primary Camera
  2. 4-7MP Secondary camera (looking at the future advancement)
  3. 64 GB for sure internal memory
  4. Exynos 7420 processor
  5. Memory Expandable up to 128 GB
  6. Android 5.0
  7. Gorilla Glass
  8. Metallic Body(Aluminum Body )
  9. Lightest Weight
  10. May have Intel Processors after the Haswell series have launched
  11. Battery till 4000mAh Possible
  12. Wireless charging ,better than what’s possible in the Nokia 920
  13. It may also have flexible glass
  14. Battery may last upto 36 hrs in standby Mode
  15. Blink to click photograph

Samsung Galaxy S6 Design Concept

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  1. According to the rumors Samsung galaxy s6 might come in the first quarter of 2015 with flexible display and Exynos 5 Hexa core processing unit.
    and it may also come with carbon body and dust and water resistant technology as seen on galaxy s6

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