How to Remove to Blue Ticks on WhatsApp

Remove Blue Ticks on WhatsApp

Before whatsapp update we had:

 message successfully sent
 message successfully delivered to the recipient’s phone

After 7 Nov, whatsapp added new functionality to its app ie.

 the recipient has read your message

Therefore, to remove this blue check marks you can uninstall the latest version of whatsapp (Version 2.11.431) and install the earlier version. And since this ‘read’ feature is added to latest version only, so blue check marks won’t appear on older version.

After you install the earlier version, your contacts won’t see the  even when you have read their text, however you will also not be able to find out if your message is read by the recipient as well.

Where to find older earlier version of whatsapp:

You can always Google older version of whatsapp or take it from your friend who has not updated his/her whatsapp yet. But make sure it’s not more than 6 months old or it won’t support your system.

If you are Android user then you can use this dropbox link for whatsapp apk. [I have tested and can confirm it’s working]

Before you go:

Take the backup of your whatsapp conversation and make sure to turn of automatic update off by going to your play store settings

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