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Xiaomi Mi5 is in the second manufacturing stage

Xiaomi not want to lose the baton to continue orchestrating the smartphone market in China and the growing number of markets to “colonize”. That ambition required to give 100% and exceeded the targets. The best example of this would be the beginning of the development of the Xiaomi Mi5 . And the Chinese firm would have already begun the early stages of their design for the model to be ready when the business cycle Xiaomi Mi4 between a phase of commercial decline.
The technology sector does not stop, always in the process of evolution, evolving. In the smartphone market it is the same and even more aggressively. One manufacturer that fails to improve its products at the speed that makes the competition has oil.Xiaomi flag in the process of global expansion and reputation through the roof (thanks to the image generated by its powerful and cheap computers), it seems stuck in a spiral. According to the latest news from a source related to mobile telephony, the Chinese manufacturer is in the development of a new flagship, the one that will replace the role of the brand new Xiaomi Mi4.
According to the founder of Xiaomi itself, the development of the current model, the Xiaomi Mi4, required 18 months of work to shape a standard bearer, both within the manufacturer’s catalog and at the actual market premium smartphones. This process of evolution went through a total of six stages that led to six prototypes up to the final version, the commercial. However, the new model could be available much sooner.

So says Wang Yang, the leader of the brand in China iSuppli. For those unfamiliar with the company, it is a research firm and market analysis focused on consumer electronics, well known for his time in the field of mobile smartphones for their takedowns.Valga information to denote that the voice that talks about development Xiaomi Mi5 has some relevance and industry contacts.
According to Wang, the Xiaomi Mi5 would not only have been captured for the first time in sketches, but manufacturers have already begun developing the second prototype. This data indicates that the process of creating the new model seems more advanced than the E4 (the attached screenshot shows the chronology of its development), so perhaps the business cycle and highlight model Xiaomi will be shorter than that achieved by Xiaomi Mi3.
Source: Gizmochina
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