iPhone 6s,plus specs New Features and Release Date Rumored

Despite the fact that it may seem a little premature to talk about the next iPhone, since the iPhone 6 just hit the shelves, there are many speculations about the iPhone 6s already.
The first big question is the name of the next iPhone. Apple has traditional naming conventions and if it sticks to it, then it is quite possible that the 2015 iPhone will be called iPhone 6S and not iPhone 7. However, some rumors suggested that Apple is considering to drop the ‘S’ naming convention, because it is starting to be perceived negatively and it makes it look like it is not a completely new device, but more of a stepping stone to the next iPhone.
Some reports are suggesting that the upcoming device will weigh 129 grams, just as much as the iPhone 6, but it will look more like a phablet than a regular smartphone. However, since Apple usually keeps the same design for two generations of the iPhone, the new, lighter, rounder and slimmer design of the iPhone 6 is expected to be carried over to the iPhone 6s too.
It is expected that the iPhone 6s will have a screen size of  5 inches, as that is the bigger then size of the iPhone 6. It is highly unlikely that the tech giant will go back on its decision to make a bigger iPhone, so it will most probably stick to 5 inch.iphone 6s plus will be 5.7 inch
More interesting is the fact that the rumored iPhone 6s could come with gesture controls, which have already been exhibited in Samsung’s Galaxy S5. This feature allows an individual to use his device without the need to actually touch it.
Furthermore, because of the concerns about the iPhone’s battery life, it is also speculated that Apple will use solar power and that the phone will be charging all throughout the day with the solar cells on the display of the iPhone 6s. That means that walking under the sun will help increasing its battery life.
Due to the recent reports about the bending problems of the iPhone 6, Apple is rumored to be using sapphire glass in order to make a handset, which will be intentionally flexible. Besides that, several reports are suggesting that the Apple is making a body, which takes on the form of phones such as the LG G Flex.
Since there is an expanding range of smartphones, which are water-resistant, like Xperia phones from Sony and the Galaxy S5 from Samsung, Apple is being expected to come up with a waterproof device, with which the entire phone, including the main circuit boards, will be protected from water.
One of the highly unlikely rumors is that the iPhone 6s will be allowing users to have holographic projections. Such a high leap in technology would most certainly excite the world of mobile users, however, Apple is not the company which would take on such kind of technology and integrate it into their mobile phones.
There have also been several rumors regarding the release date of iPhone 6s. If Apple sticks to its traditions, people can expect the new iPhone to arrive in September 2015. However it is also possible that the tech giant will decide to start releasing new iPhones two times a year, in order to help it keep up with the improving and growing competition.
By: Janette Verdnik
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