how to install play store in nokia x | How to Root Nokia X, X+, XL and Install Google Play Store for Apps

This article is about How to Root Nokia X,and How to Install Play Store On Nokia X series.The anticipated X series From Nokia the Nokia X,X+ and XL does not come up with Google Play store.That is the biggest online source for downloading Android applications.Moreover,Nokia X is  loaded with Like Here Maps and Mix Radio, which work well out of the box.The fast lane UI of Nokia X series is much like Lumia family but is as good as Android.Now here the matter of concern is how to install Google play store in Nokia X,X+ or XL.Well the only method developed by XDA developers is by Rooting it.So its now clear that you have to Root your Nokia X for installing Play Store in it.


Disclaimer: Proceed at your own risk as Rooting a device voids its warranty.And in some cases it may damage the Phone.Follow below instructions on your own behalf as does not take any liability for any damage to your Phone whatsoever.

Things You Will Need:

Before you begin,below are the necessary Requirements for Rooting and then for Installing Nokia X,X+ or XL.Predownload these from necessary Android stores.Download links are provided below.
  • Framaroot app For Rooting purpose – Get it From official source Here
  • A  File explorer for your device(Nokia X,X+,XL) like Root Explorer or ES File Explorer
  • Nokia GApps package – Download it from XDA forum link – Here
  • – Get it From the official source – Here

Instructions To Follow For Rooting Nokia X :

As stated above you have to root your Nokia X or X+,XL for installing Play Store and other Google apps in it first.Currently this is the only method for installing play store in Nokia X.Just follow below instructions carefully for successful root.

2. Install the Framaroot app as per given instructions and then the ES or Root file explorer.File explorer is needed for changing permissions for system files.

How To Root Nokia X:


3.Run the Framaroot app.You will see a menu on the screen that prompt you to decide whether you want to install Superuser or SuperSU after rooting.Its up to you as both Superuser and SuperSU works greatly.Choose one of the option and  proceed.

Then,tap any of the available exploits to try rooting your Phone with it. You will get a prompt telling  rooting was successful or not. If it gets failed, try any other available exploits.

After successful Rooting you will get a message for the same.Then Reboot the phone.Your device is now Rooted,proceed to next steps for installing Play Store in it.


3.Download  NokiaX GApps ZIP file from the above source links if you have not downloaded it already.Then extract its content from Root file explorer.

4.Now,copy all the APK files to the /system/app directory on your Nokia X using the Root File explorer.

5. Set permissions for all APK files to “read” for all and “write” for only the first one from top.See below image for more convenience.


6. Reboot the Phone and   then install all the APKs from the second ZIP file that is NokiaX_SomeGoogleApps  normally as like any application.

Use Google Play Store On Nokia X,X+ or XL –

That’s all you have to do.You will be able to run Play store on your Nokia X,X+ or XL smartphone .As your Phone is now rooted you can also use all Google apps like Google Now Launcher,Google Maps etc.Just enter your Google email Account info and download all the apps that you were missing on your Nokia X series smartphone.
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NOTE: For detailed info and support on rooting Nokia X do visit the official thread  for Nokia X Rooting at the XDA developers forum.The link for the thread is provided below.You can put up your queries in below form if any.We would love to hear from you.

Source – Official XDA Developers Forum Link – Here – See more at:

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