Nokia RM-977 4.5-inch Dual Sim Windows Phone Coming Soon

Zauba – an organization handling the import of tech into India – has listed 43 units of the Nokia RM-977 as being brought in from Finland for “intercompany use for testing and evaluation purposes only”.
The details on the device are scarce, but the screen size is known – 4.5″. That’s the same size as the Lumia 92x handsets, and a bit smaller than the 4.7″ Lumia 625.

The price of the device is listed as INR 8,000 ($130). That’s the same price as a Lumia 520, but much cheaper than the INR 15,000 ($245) price for the Lumia 625. So, what is it? The info on the site says it’s a single-SIM device, so that rules out a dual-SIM Asha (those are under INR 5,000 anyway).
Update: The site actually lists two versions with the same model number. The second version is marked “dual-SIM”. Is this the Nokia Moneypenny?
Is it a Lumia 520’s equivalent of the 625 – same specs, bigger screen? We won’t know until it’s official or at least until someone leaks it.
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