Nokia Lumia 630 With Dual SIM specification | price | launched date | india

Serial leaker @evleaks has released a screenshot of a new Nokia Lumia handset. As usual @evleaks
has maintained brevity in the status message by stating just the word
‘Moneypenny’ which is the code name for the handset. @evleaks had
previously leaked the code names ‘Moneypenny’ and ‘Goldfinger’ which are
supposed to be the first smartphones from Nokia to run Windows Phone
8.1 (Windows Blue). The same can be confirmed by looking at the bottom
of the screen shot where you can notice the on-screen buttons. As we had
told you earlier Windows Phone 8.1 would be ditching the capacitive
buttons for on-screen ones.
Next if you take a look at the top of the screen, you find two signal
indicators followed by two calls and messages icons which prove that the
new handset has got dual-SIM functionality.

Nokia has the habit of setting the clock of a smartphone to represent
the handset’s name and if we use that logic we can easily guess that the
name of the handset is Nokia Lumia 630 by looking at the smartphone’s
clock which says 6:30. Folks at Neowin, have gone a step further and said that another handset called as Lumia 635 is in the making which supports LTE connectivity. Phone Arena
guys have tried to examine the photo more closely and have come to the
conclusion that the Lumia 630 might have a 720p display given the fact
that the screenshot which has a resolution of 480 x 854 pixels which is
not supported by Windows Phone 8 and it might be a downscaled version of
a 720p screen grab since they bear the same aspect ratio. Both the
above sources say that the Lumia 630 will be targeted at Asian markets
since Dual-SIM functionality is quite sought after in countries like
India and China.

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