How to beat the BBM waiting queue with one simple step

We get it. BlackBerry Messenger for Android and iOS is hot property right now and everyone wants to get in as soon as possible. Everyone wants to start chatting with their friends right away and BlackBerry’s not helping matters with its long queue. Here’s a small trick you can use to skip the line and start using BBM for Android and iOS right away.

All you need to do is find a friend who’s already using BBM. When the welcome screen asks you if you’ve received an email from BlackBerry, punch in your friend/relative/neighbour’s email ID. Don’t worry. Your communications will remain separate from theirs. This particular trick is only to let you go past the welcome screen and into the sign-up page.
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Once you’ve entered your friend’s email ID, create a new BBM ID for yourself. Make sure you do not use the friend’s ID to create a BBM one, use your own. Your PIN number will be associated with the ID you used right now.  None of your friends have an invite? Don’t fret too hard. You can still create a common ID and then use it to sign up for the service once you’re in the front of the line. 

Here’s a piece of warning, though. BlackBerry may just end up patching this short-cut of a feature soon, so you better make most of it while you still can. Another point you must remember is that one BlackBerry ID only works with one device at a time for now, but that does not mean you cannot use the ID to bypass the welcome screen. 

You can download BlackBerry for Android and BlackBerry for iOS from their respective app stores. Let us know in the comments section below if this trick works for you.
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